Taking Solar to Rural North

Northend Solar Solutions at Oshakati is using solar energy to light up small businesses and homes in the rural North, says its marketing officer Helvi Aludhilu in an interview on Friday.

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating.

Aludhilu, together with fellow marketers from the company, were showcasing their products at the Annual Ongwediva Trade Fair, where a variety of solar products are seen on display at their outside stall.

She said that, thanks to their solutions, many are able to watch TV and charge their mobile phones, among others, in villages around Oshakati where their office is based, and further.

“We provide solar power for cuca shops, homes and anything as long as it can connect to solar energy.

Their products include light cellphone charge kits, solar home systems which come with a solar panel, lights with their own switch, solar controller, and can also be used to charge phones.

The most interesting thing about the home solar system is that there is no installation required, she said.

She said that the Ongwediva Trade Fair provides an opportunity for them to showcase their solar products and, like many companies, they sell their products at discounted prices at the fair.

“The (Ongwediva) Trade Fair is an opportunity for us to reach out to more people and our products are cheaper than when you have to buy them at the office,” she said.

She invited people to visit their stall at the fair, saying it’s better to see and hear from them what they and other exhibitors have to offer at the fair.

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