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R15 billion development to reimagine Cape Town’s foreshore

Plans are underway to invest R15-billion into a project to develop the area of the Cape Town foreshore which is currently underused.

However, this new development is expected to become another major success for the region and re-imagine Cape Town’s foreshore.

The construction of the Amdec Group’s R15 billion Harbour Arch development at the gateway to the CBD means that this part of the foreshore will no longer be viewed as a wasteland of missed opportunity, says James Wilson, CEO of the Amdec Group.

Instead, it will bring to Cape Town a vibrant, 24-hour precinct that offers Capetonians the opportunity to safely live, work and play in an iconic land-mark setting.

Wilson believes that Harbour Arch will re-imagine another under-utilised foreshore area, and put Cape Town on a par with other iconic cities – London, Sydney, New York, Dubai – where innovative, high-rise developments have pushed the boundaries of design and architecture to become landmarks and attractions in their own right.

“We see how Hudson Yards, a similar large-scale development on Manhattan’s West Side, has become New York’s newest tourist attraction because of its contemporary design elements. Harbour Arch will do the same for Cape Town, already regarded as one of the best cities in the world to visit.”

Not only will the 5.8hectare development inject R15billion in private investment into the Cape Town CBD, it will also mean a further R100million in infrastructure upgrades for a rapidly densifying city with projected population growth set to reach 5million by 2050.

The development is also expected to set a benchmark for future expansion of the Culemborg site, says Wilson.

“Strategically positioned at the convergence of major access roads, with easy entry points to and from the N1 and N2 highways, Harbour Arch will transform this uninspiring precinct into an iconic gateway to the city.”

Harbour Arch is set to balance the divide between the north and south sides of the city – an integration, which Wilson asserts has been left hanging for more than three decades because the freeway bridges that were designed to connect the city remain incomplete.

Designed to extend the city’s pedestrian routes, Harbour Arch will ultimately provide a direct link from the CBD to the V&A Waterfront, the east city precinct, and eventually to Woodstock.

This will create new walking routes from other suburbs into the city, and has the potential to enhance the quality of life for many of the city’s residents.

This project is not just about aesthetics and improvements to the built environment, but the economic impact of Harbour Arch is equally significant. More than 20 000 jobs are being created during the construction phase alone, and many more employment opportunities – especially in the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors – upon completion.

“Providing people with the means to earn a livelihood, which will enhance the quality of their lives, is of paramount importance to us. Through bold design and ambitious development, we can better serve communities by contributing to our city’s sustained economic growth,” says Wilson.

There is no doubt that the Amdec Group’s vision will dramatically alter Cape Town’s skyline and create a magnificent new gateway to the City, but it will also create significant opportunities for the city – not only economically, but also for the people who want to live, work and play in a dynamic, accessible, convenient and safe environment with a premium commercial, retail and residential offering.

“We are confident that Harbour Arch will bring major benefits to all Capetonians who will see more growth and innovation in our city flowing from the project. Through the meaningful use of under-utilised land in a prime location, coupled with dynamic urban design, we can better serve the City of Cape Town, contributing to its sustained economic growth while providing a new iconic destination of which Capetonians can be truly proud,” concludes Wilson.

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