Nampower to Power New Line

NamPower on Thursday announced that they are scheduled to power a newly constructed transmission line as part of their transmission master plan.

The new transmission will run from the Gerus substation outside Otjiwarongo to the Otjikoto substation outside Tsumeb. The energising is scheduled for 29 to 31 August.

According to the announcement, the line, which has a capacity for 400kV, will be operated at 220kV. The transmission master plan involves the strengthening and expansion of the transmission network to ensure reliable power supply, and to reinforce the transmission network for future development and integration into the wider SADC network.

The energising has nothing to do with the recent power outages, NamPower spokesperson Tangeni Kambangula told The Namibian yesterday.

Apologising to the public for any inconvenience that may be caused during the energising, NamPower said they had put in place the necessary measures to ensure continuity of supply to the Otjozondjupa, Oshana, Otjikoto and Kavango regions.

The line is part of the future 400kV backbone, and will strengthen supply to the areas under the Otjikoto substation.

The Gerus-Otjikoto 400kV line is one of four transmission projects that have either been approved or are already in the implementation phase.

The other transmissions are the Kunene-Omatando development, Rundu-Cuito development, and West Coast strengthening.

The Kunene-Omatando development is planned south of the existing Ruacana power station.

It is to substantially increase the power supply capacity to Oshakati, Ondangwa and surrounding areas; and will form part of a bigger future project to create a northern ring at 400kV. The Rundu-Cuito development is an upgrade of the existing 66kV system to a 132kV system to increase capacity to the Kavango region.

The west coast strengthening projects entails a doubling of the existing 220kV ring from the Omburu substation to the Kuiseb substation, and is aimed at strengthening the west coast.

A new substation called Lithops will form part of the ring, and will serve as the integration point for the new 132kV Husab mining development. In addition, the strengthening project also caters for an increase in supply to Walvis Bay to 80 MVA.

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