Mega water projects worth Sh22.890 to end water woes

The authorities in Momba District in Songwe Region have started implementing two big water projects in Tunduma Town at Sh22.890 billion from 2017 to 2019 to end a water shortage.

Despite being famous for various business undertakings, Tunduma Town faces a water shortage, a situation that makes residents to travel long distances in search of the precious liquid from rivers and streams, as 20-litre container of water is sold at Sh300.

Speaking about the shortage facing Tunduma residents, Momba district commissioner Jumaa Irando said the first project costing about Sh890 million had started being constructed and would serve the following wards – Sogea, Makambini, Mwakakati and Muungano – with 23,839 villagers.

“The second project will involve the drilling of eight bore holes at Sh22 billion and a feasibility study has been completed. Drilling will begin in 2017/18-2018/19,” said Mr. Irando.

Tunduma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority manager Justin Munishi said water demand for Tunduma Town stood at 7,187 cubic metres per day, but only 1,992 cubic metres of water, equivalent to 34.3 per cent of 102,666 town residents, had been supplied.

“After the first project, we expect to increase water supply from 34.3 to 57.5 per cent as there is ongoing work to construct two water reservoirs with the storage capacity of 400 cubic metres,” he said.

He noted that the water problem was largely attributed by lack of reliable water sources, dilapidated water infrastructure and poor water supply networks.

The contractor of the projects from Best One Limited, Mr. Emmanuel Masika, said the construction of the water reservoirs started on August 4, this year and would be completed on November 25.

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