Hydraform blocks for 7.3 million USD affordable housing project in Tanzania

Hydraform International, the leading alternative building technology company in the developing world,  enabled the efficient delivery of 214-unit affordable housing project valued at TZS 15.8 BN in Tanzania using the Hydraform Interlocking building technology. 

Constructed under the auspices of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) in Tanzania, with the main project stakeholders being the NHC, Flintstone Engineering, Pioneer Builders Limited, Herkin Builders Limited and Temeke Municipality, the project scope extends to building of 25 blocks of residential town house apartments and  56 semi-detached single-storey buildings  in Mwongozo , Kigamboni,  district of Dar es Salaam.

Nazlie Dickson, Marketing Director at Hydraform, comments, “As a unique alternative building technology (ABT), the Hydraform interlocking building system was selected by the NHC to be implemented to this project as part of the Corporation’s innovative housing policies with which Hydraform’s values are well aligned,” she adds.

From the ground up

Hydraform supplied NHC with the M7MI machines because of their versatility and suitability to the varying ground conditions and the scope of the project deliverables.  What makes Hydraform the leader in both our technology and our equipment is the understanding of the environment and conditions on construction sites. The units supplied have are diesel operated for independent power, are mobile so can be transported to sites across the country and have a high volume production.

“The client’s experience using Hydraform machinery on site was a very positive one and they have reported that the machinery has made the construction process simple, fast and affordable, especially since much of the raw material used to manufacture the blocks was sourced around the same area,” remarks Dickson.

From inception to completion of this project, it has created jobs for about 350 people, including both unskilled labour and specialised labour, artisans, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and technicians, many of whom are from Tanzania.

“The NHC’s vision to supply housing to the region in a way that makes a lasting impact through the use of an ABT, with thought to sustainability, and in support of the local economy, directly mirrors that of the Hydraform brand,” comments Dickson, concluding, “Hydraform is thus proud to have supplied its machinery to a project such as this that mindfully goes beyond construction.”

Ground broke on the Mwongozo Affordable housing project was in March 2014 and with eight months to complete the sub-structure, a year to complete the super-structure and another year for finishing, the project is due for completion at the end of February 2017.

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