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Ground Up: Building your dream home without the Nightmare

With over 10 years in the home building industry, and more than 400 homes built to date, Ground Up has seen it all. The independent consultancy has worked at leading construction companies throughout South Africa, gaining combined experience in engineering, project management and construction, giving them the edge whilst avoiding their clients from going over the edge.

Founded by construction consultant Marco Kriek in 2015, Ground Up was born to ensure home quality.

He felt a responsibility towards his clients and ensuring that the quality of work done at their homes was up to standard. “I found that almost every person I knew that built a house had serious construction problems. As a result of this they all had only negative feedback about their building experience. When hearing their stories, I would volunteer to help out with advice on how to fix the issues they were facing. This encouraged me to start Ground Up and create the Quality Plus system with the main goal being to try and help people stop these problems by preventing them while at the same time improving the industry I grew up in,” adds Kriek. By building right the first time, using a solid building strategy, and being transparent, Ground Up seeks to improve the quality of work done in the residential construction industry within South Africa.

In order to empower their clients throughout the building process, Ground Up has developed a one of a kind system called QualityPlus that stops issues by preventing them. With 6 stages, QualityPlus is specifically designed to target potential problem areas between home owners and builders – navigating all the challenges and improving the entire experience. These stages include Information Sharing, Quality Inspections, Transparency Reports, Snag Lists, Client Support and ultimately, Professional Advice.

Marco Kriek believes as third party consultants, Ground Up is able to offer clients a unique home building experience. “We remain completely objective on all issues with our mandate being to ensure quality of work on the client’s behalf,” adds Kriek.

Building processes are complex and it can be tough identifying the problem areas. With QualityPlus, Ground Up promises to improve the quality of your home, make sure you move in on time and won’t let you be surprised by any hidden costs. Ground Up will be your friend in the building industry – with years of practical experience to help guide you through the process and all its possible pitfalls.

For more information on Ground Up and to get in touch, you can visit:

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