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Eaton’s innovation gives Call Center business and safety edge

When looking to build in these times, a prudent client looks to engaging construction partners that can ensure the building meets the needs of today and the future. Our present-day concerns include ensuring business continuity in the event of load shedding, managing our energy consumption and related costs while ensuring sustainability.

In a project recently undertaken to construct a Call Center for a large retail clothing chain in Cape Town, Eaton was put to the test to meet the client’s desire for long term sustainable, energy efficient and safe premises. Eaton’s Commercial Buildings Account Manager, Christopher Williams told Construction Insight Magazine that “Eaton was equal to the task and utilised the Xiria Switchgear, 93PM and 9E range of UPSs, Vocall Fire Phones and Eaton Motion and Dali Standalone Sensors to achieve this”.

Deon Ferreira
Deon Ferreira

The MV Switchgear serve to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Deon Ferreira, Eaton’s Sales Manager commercial buildings, described the Xiria Switchgear’s design advantage as being environmentally safe. The Xiria Switchgear employs vacuum technology instead of the market standard SF6 gas component of its contemporaries, making it ozone friendly (SF6 free).  This feature also reduces the hazard for persons working with the switchgear and provides for safer end of life disposal of the device.

For energy efficiency, Eaton employed the Eaton Motion and Dali Standalone Sensors in some areas. The motion sensors ensure that lighting is turned on or off automatically depending on whether or not there is motion detected in the building. This product includes a daylight harvesting using DALI protocol that detects the prevailing light levels on each desktop on the outer perimeters within the building and adjusts the DALI lighting demand accordingly to the engineer’s requirements, to ensure reduced power consumption.

“Load shedding is an ever-present business continuity concern. It also raises a human safety concern due to reduced visibility in the event of a loss of power. To manage this risk for the client, Eaton installed its 93PM and 9E range of UPSs,” Deon Ferreira explained. “These will ensure that the Building’s critical power distribution which includes some of its lighting circuits, and electronics systems remain available even when there has been a power outage and as the power back-up systems prepare to kick in”.

Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams

“When there is a fire, being able to communicate where you are to fire wardens and fire fighters could be the difference between life and death”, Christopher Williams said. “One of the first things done when there is a fire is to turn off the electricity supply to the affected building.  This would ordinarily see the building’s telephone system also go off. The Vocall Fire Phone System allows for persons in the building to continue to communicate, as it is independent of the telecommunications and electricity systems of the building. The Vocall Fire Phone system also employs burn-retarded cables that ensure communication for a period even as the fire rages, allowing for safer evacuations. The system is also suited for the use of differently abled persons with features such a braille and a call to touch speak button. The Vocall Fire Phone gives the person utilising it to identify current positions within the building to the fire fighter or warden, it also compliance with national, international regulations and standards.

It is clear that Eaton achieved its mission statement through the products employed on this project which is to improve the quality of life and the environment with power management technologies and services.

Other innovative products from Eaton include its xStorage, which Deon Ferreira described as “a compact and aesthetically pleasing device that allows you to store electrical energy from PV solar panels for later use. This energy management system, with designs for domestic and commercial uses, helps to manage energy demand and consumption while also ensuring the lights stay on.” A benefit of the xStorage to commercial businesses is that through its storage and management of energy, it serves to enable a reduction in costs such as time of use and maximum demand tariffs.

Christopher Williams describes the Eaton’s Centralised battery system for emergency lighting ensures essential lighting is available to light up passageways and exits in the event of fire and other disasters for evacuation purposes. Eaton also has a Fire Detection System available which are scalable and suitable for projects big or small.

Also available from Eaton are Dry Type Transformers. Deon Ferreira describes these as, “a safer option to the traditional transformers, which contain oil. Oil burns if something goes wrong. The Dry Type Transformer has no oil in it making it a safer option”.

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