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Corobrik contributes to Inner City rejuvenation

The quality, durability and overall affordability of Corobrik’s face brick range has seen it form part of several inner-city rejuvenation schemes across the country, with the latest Heritage View development in Brickfields, Newtown Johannesburg forming an eye-catching example.

“Corobrik’s strapline of ‘Building a Better Tomorrow Together’ truly embraces the need to provide quality accommodation where people work, drawing people back to the Central Business Districts which, unfortunately, have become rundown and neglected across the country,” explained Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial Director.

Corobrik has been involved in numerous inner-city rejuvenation projects in Randburg, Hillbrow, Berea, Yeoville, Thembelihle Village in Pretoria, Townlands in Marabastad as well as several Johannesburg locations.

The latest low-cost housing development in Newtown, Johannesburg – developed by the Johannesburg Housing Company – was constructed using 1m of Corobrik’s Terracotta Satin face bricks. For this particular project, Corobrik remained true to its commitment of urban improvement by providing the product at a special rate.

According to contract manager, Juan Abrahamse of Tyris Construction, the eight-block development consists of 164 middle-class units, strategically designed using the face brick and plaster façade.

“Corobrik’s face brick is extremely good quality while also being comparative in cost,” said Abrahamse. “They are a particularly good choice for the inner-city area as they have sound insulation properties that make for a better living environment. We managed to attain a great aesthetic appeal through the use of varying coloured plaster panels, alternating with the face brick, which creates an upmarket, city look.”

Because inner-city rejuvenation projects are cost-driven, Corobrik is often chosen as it offers a wide-range of products across all pricing spectrums. In Pretoria, 1 on Mutual was constructed using a high-end Silvergrey Satin and Travertine in combination, with solid bricks for feature accents. At the other end of the scale, Montana Light and Moroccan have been widely because of the aesthetics and cost-effectiveness.

“Costs are further saved because of thermal efficiency, as the brick is slow to heat in summer and retains warmth in winter,” expanded Shangase. “The high-rise nature of these projects also means that the structures are exposed to the elements. Maintenance-free Corobrik face bricks leaves the building looking pristine, compared to painted structures which show dirty marks, cracks and weathering. For the building’s owner, return on investment is enhanced as there is no need for expensive scaffolding to re-paint.”

Corobrik’s Shangase added that, in addition to the superior acoustic performance mentioned by offered by face brick, they also create a more fire-resistant building, improving safety measures in such high density residential areas. The natural clay substance also gives off no volatile organic compounds, making the building a healthier environment in which to live.

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